Carton Brewing Coffee Series

One of the many things Carton’s brewers like to do is a riff on a beer over the course of time to explore the full potential of what that beer can be. When it comes to the artwork, we have built an ever-expanding cast of characters and themes that define the Carton brand.

Building recognition and hinting at the delights to come when cracking open a cold can of beer is most apparent in their coffee series build on the original Coffee Cream Ale the brewery had been making for the better part of a decade. 

In addition to the 100+ cans that were designed, we designed many plug-and-play label options to develop new series of limited releases in bottles where we could use more in-depth printing techniques like foil stamping to create a more luxurious look and feel for the higher end product.

Lastly, there were many fun projects to accompany brews for special events or releases where the gloves really came off. We would collaborate on ideas to come up with something that really showed off the personality and collaboration of the fine folks who worked so hard to think up and brew new and exciting beers on a regular basis.